In Burma the internecine bondage by the dictatorial field of study junta, began the very day of the full-moon in Libra. During the day of the full-moon postgraduate energies are discharged as okay as deadly ones.

We are confronted in this historical upraising near a deep, strong stand up to betwixt kindness versus hostility and cognitive content.

Monks, nuns, students, and nonaggressive crowds, fighting for political orientation and freedom , were battered and colourful dead, and the war is not done yet.

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It has happened before: nearby was a blood-filled upraising in 1988 in Burma, but next to a assorted scenario, it was nearly unseeable. Today, gratitude to the Media and Internet, acknowledgment to the bloggers, photographers, picture makers, the slaughterous ontogenesis of the protesters was seen across the world . In malice of the soldiers junta which blacked out the Internet connections, here will be ever whatsoever brave various who will get the news out, sending overseas photos, e-mails or videos.

We can recognize, now, that we are witnessing an historical moment:"Spirit versus Matter at its lowest level".

This setting off of independence, religious mysticism and the strong mass event has to do near Uranus in the mark of Pisces as all right as Neptune in Aquarius. This, in Astrology, is named a "Mutual Reception," plan that these planets are in each-others standard and, they forcefully move one another.

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The rapid joining by the nuns in this scenario, put untold accent on Aquarius and Uranus and on equal quality rights. Brothers and Sisters impermanent together.

The elusive say-so of Neptune has penetrated minds and whist of the total international and the colour "bronze", has sunken the multi-ethnic media. This set-up is "impressing" a new sensibility on peoples consciousness, winning one and all by render speechless and involving each person.

This mystic-political upraising has happened unexpectedly (Uranus in Pisces).
With the help of the global net-work of the media, respectively of us has been catapulted into a far nonadjacent pastoral (Pluto standing in Sagittarius). Bringing us into the protest, and we turn in benevolence and awareness.

Very just now attitudes have varied to holy and divine discrimination. Where was the evil when Mahatma Gandhi was fasting, or later, when the Tibetan monks were human being persecuted. Today attitudes have changed - nowadays the wall betwixt political relation and the religious planetary has down. This is a immeasurable tactical maneuver towards a greater even of communal consciousness, through the societies of the world.

The report is now screening the whole planetary how reticulate we all are. The concurrence of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, is impulsive this marxist power: politics (Pluto/Uranus) and spiritualty (Neptune).

Monks and nuns are responding, beside an unexpected determination, to the personal effects of the Uranus in Pisces, which is competent to synthesize the two Pisces (Spirit and Matter) in a altogether new steps.

The personal estate of the planets go near the development and growth of the full international. They are able to hand over commencement to new forms of spirituality, rising the leninist quality stipulations. They are cathartic an immense central command and strength, collapse old distance of living belongings in the masses, and swing it to sweat in day by day actions. The uprising in Burma will be an heartening and motivative fight towards state. Joy, front and capacity are up to her neck.

This mutual-reception between planets and signs, occurs when a status-quo has immediately imperfect.

Thousands monks are but in prison, vanquished and tortured, but they say: "We are paradisaic because the Light is coming!" The light source of impersonal Love, diagrammatical by Neptune in Aquarius, represent by monks and nuns, is competent to be anchored in a semipolitical and social protest rally. This is wholly a new way of behaving which dawns the Aquarian Age.

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