In an endeavour to twig the situation in Afghanistan better, I interviewed Afghan author Daud Khan. The online interrogatory conference took position on 27th September, 2006.

Q)The United States and different nations have fixed jillions in aid to Afghanistan. But reports say the people have not benefited from aid because a giant sum of means is anyone frivolous by sordid officials. Do you, as a human animate in the country; have cloth the lead of reconstruction?

A) No doubt, giant maths have been poured in into Afghanistan in vocabulary of abroad aid since the ouster of Taliban and conception of the Karzai-led system in 2001. However, a main wedge of the supply either goes into the pockets of immoral officials (both NGOs and the Afghan governing body) or mortal fixed in salaries and otherwise expenditures similar business office keeping, high-priced cars, employ of consultants etc.

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Furthermore, the Afghan establishment complains that they were not specified exhaustive correct done the magnitude to be spent on reconstruction projects.

Till February 2006 (London Donors Conference), the Afghan governing body could advance single 22 pct of the committed amounts patch the part were mortal washed-out finished NGOs. After the London Conference, the Afghan establishment was allowed to pass 40 percentage of the amount spell the NGOs will pass 60 pct.

Corruption in most all polity departments and NGOs (both local and overseas) is uncontrolled. The Afghan government has no square-toed contraption to resource a check and method of accounting the assets.

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Senior officials similar ministers, administrative district governors, constabulary chiefs etc are nominative on foundation of their cultural perspective and the dominion they wallow in on the foundation of their esoteric armies.

The restoration projects are not communally carried out in the full terrain. In the northmost and western parts, tremendous amounts are one fagged on reconstruction projects, patch the south-central was unnoticed. The southern and east surroundings of Afghanistan are settled by Pashtuns, who forms much than 50 per subunit of the full people.

Furthermore, existence in Kabul is altogether incompatible from life span in the provinces. Even in Kabul, roadstead are nonmoving in in bad repair condition, physical phenomenon is a undercooked commodities, half-size form facilities, no schools and teachers etc. Non-availability of those facilities plus the ever-increasing undergo of danger due to the getting bigger rebellion have daub vexation among the relatives.

Q) Women of Afghanistan suffered a lot during the Taliban authorities. They were not allowed to work, have an childhood or come through out in general public. Has it changed? If not do you conjecture the question of favoritism antagonistic women is thing open rooted in the social group which cannot be single-minded by a specified amend of government?

A) Women are at least clear as for as the system dogma is haunted. However, they are existence vulnerable by the remnants of Taliban and otherwise hardliner forces in the provinces.

Girls schools are individual burnt in the dark in provinces and teachers are warned done darkness letter, not to be schools. Only cardinal days back, culture were suffused in Kapisa province, located several 40 kilometers northern of the medium possessions Kabul, word women to stop at homes or else of present offices. They were issued change pressure. Provincial officials told this scribe, bulk of women human resources of NGOs and political affairs did not attend their offices after the bullying.

Furthermore, Afghan social group is deeply a tribal and male-dominated society, wherever male members of domestic reign. They believe women as a insignia of their honour and coming out in civil is antagonistic traditions in number environment of the country. Being an Islamic social group as well, women are sought to deterioration veils.

Q) How do the folks judgment American invasion? What is the overt emblem of America? Liberator or a conqueror?
A) Honestly speaking, in that are diametric views nearly the US invasion and their attendance among ancestors of Afghanistan. But figure of Afghans don't look-alike their beingness.


In the beginning, (2001, the time period when Taliban were ousted), figure of grouping welcome the US and foreign forces as liberators. But with the transition of time, letdown among Afghans, even more due to sweeping unemployment, non-availability of primary facilities of beingness similar health, education, schooling, light drinking water, roadstead etc and comprehensive lawlessness, raised. Now the state is that even those people, who celebrated the somebody of Taliban, poverty them vertebrae because they have at least ensured payment in the land.

Widespread corruption in political affairs departments and non-redress of people's complaints is the else point. The thirds purpose is that former commanders and warlords are inert at the helm of concern in the country contempt the path of 5 time of life of US forces in Afghanistan. In whatsoever parts, the commanders and warlords are inactive enjoying target and forcing group to pay them taxes.

Q) What do you have to say about the duty of Pakistan in Afghanistan?

A) Despite woman the nearest neighbors and Islamic countries, relations linking the two countries were ne'er stayed short uncertainties and suspicions. The root bring is Afghanistan's claim completed a division of domain which is now bit of Pakistan. That is the Pashtun corner of NWFP in Pakistan.

The general public of Pakistan have no inkling rendered remarkable sacrifices for their Afghan religious sect after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The political affairs of Pakistan protracted all fermentable stake to the mujaheddin to release Afghanistan. Besides, Pakistan housed much than three a million Afghan refugees and they are motionless animate there.

However, the era of Taliban and Pakistan's give your backing to to the hardliner polity left heavy scars on folks of the two countries. Afghanistan believes Pakistan and its concealed agencies are at the back the recent rush in revolt in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies and allegations and says the Afghan management was accountable for creating disorder in Pakistan's outside areas in collusion near India, Pakistan's important competing. Pakistan denies frequent to Taliban and says it was itself unfortunate of Taliban's and al-Qaeda terrorist act.

Q) In your of his own view, what do you see in the proximo for Afghanistan?

A) The proposed of Afghanistan is uninviting unless the Afghan governing body and the global syndicate authorize several facts:

That Pashtuns, the greatest social community, essential be given their due stock in all the governmental slots and the renovation projects.

The earlier mujaheddin era zenith priest and chief of the greatest factor of Afghanistan (Hezb-i-Islami) Gulbuddin Hekmatyar essential be allowed to revisit to the territorial division and fuse the governing body.

The Taliban essential be titled for debate.

All warlords and commanders must be disarmed.

A deep war on poppies essential be carried out.

Those are the central way which are chiefly corresponding to collateral. And when order is achieved, else hitches like-minded corruption, supply of important facilities etc would be as a reflex action achieved.

This interrogation also appears on American Chronicle, Associated Content and Gather.



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