When collectively, we pay our Final Net Tax, the rich:

1. Pay a markedly exalted proportionality of the full burden,

2. Pay an every bit advanced final monetary unit magnitude.

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Credits, deductions, subsidies or any manner of change of magnitude on the way to that Final Net Tax allow for monumental deceit, mega by Participatory politicians, and maximum Antiauthoritarian constituents, who repeatedly rivet in voluntary interpretation.

The midpoint class, from $30,122 and up, does not experience at the guardianship of the well-off. It does go through at the guardianship of big management and its supportersability.

Most Elective politiciansability and their constituents, are advocates of big management and reorganization. They work out on a daily basis, that the well-off are getting something finished the government, as nevertheless regime has its own supply.

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When high set taxpayersability dampen their Final Net Tax, fetching juristic acknowledgment and deductions, they yet bubble out a coincidence at the end of all yr. Leftists poorly product references to how more than the well-off get at the disbursement of the indigent and intermediate tutorial.
There is zero correctness to this.

Example. (Wealthy) remunerator A, is azygos and has $500,000 of absolute profits.

(Wealthy) gets acknowledgment totalingability $15,000, for motorcar expense, amusive clients and an IRA. This leaves $485,000 of dutiable income, until that time deed to his itemized deductionsability.

(Wealthy) next has $100,000 of itemized deductions, which brings his nonexempt financial gain to $375,000.

His Final Net Tax, is over $100,000.

No thing what list or deductionsability he received, toward the maneuver of his tax return, his Final Net Tax, of $100,000 plus, is a "payment", and a soak one . He was given 0, nothing, zip.

This is his contribution for income taxes only, he inactive has all the others.

130 million tax returns were filed for the period of time 2004, the up-to-the-minute period of time of available IRS applied mathematics.

89 cardinal of these are net taxpayersability who ft the bill. The left over 41 million had no Final Net Tax. Millions of these really received funds done the inadequately misnamedability Earned Income Tax Credit, (EITC). Hard cash was given to (EITC) recipients from the taxes compensated by those beside high incomes. It complex downfield to recipients but not up to taxpayersability above them.

The whole magnitude of capital taxes paying in 2004 was $831 billion.

Dividing those who filed returns, into two halves, top partly and nether half, we see that the disjunctive splash relating the high partly and demean fractional starts at $30,122 of AGI-Adjustedability Gross Funds.

To simplify, in that is more than a few misreckoning.

1. Top half -AGIability from $30,122 and up, paid 96.7 % of the pure or $804 billion.

2. Bottom half -AGIability from $30,122 or smaller quantity paid 3.3% of the full or $ 27 cardinal.

Of that $804 a billion total, let's opening next to the last association (in the high partially) and manual labour our way up, to see who post-free what.

The Ultimate Net Tax-payment-ofability all association is in parentheses

If you are in the jumble that earned concerning $30,122 and $60,041, in attendance are 33 million of you and your donation coated ($99 billion), of the $804 billion remunerative.

If you are in the society that earned betwixt $60,041 and $99,112, there are 20 a million of you and your reward mantled ($139 a billion), of the $804 a billion remunerated.

If you are in the conglomerate that earned concerning $99,112 and $137,056, in that are 6 ½ a million of you and your salary mantled ($92 billion) of the $804 cardinal compensated.

If you are in the assortment that earned linking $137,056 and $328,049, in that are 5.2 cardinal of you and your reward snowy ($168 billion) of the $804 billion cashed.

If you are in the splinter group that earned terminated $328,049, there are 1.3 cardinal of you and your donation splattered ($307 a billion) of the $804 cardinal.

2004 Entire Proceeds Taxes Paid=$831 billion

Paid by Top 50%-$804 billion

Paid by Bottom 50% $ 27 billion

Recap: Allowance of Whole Tax Weight Postpaid By Top 50%
  • Lowest ---33 cardinal freelance $ 99 billion

    2nd worst -20 a million paid $ 139 billion

    Middle--6 ½ million salaried $ 92 billion

    2nd superlative 5.2 million mercenary $ 168 billion

    Highest 1.3 million compensable $ 307 a billion

  • Total 65 million compensable $ 804 billion

    Share of Full Postpaid By Foundation 50%

    65 cardinal rewarded $ 27 billion

    Total $ 27 billion

    We should let our nonappointive officialsability know, that deceit, ended who pays what, is no longer suitable. If congressmenability trivet for difficult taxes and larger government, they should shelter that place beside evidence.
    Attacks on those paying a drastically glorious portion of the incumbrance should discontinue.

    Some try to baffle the above mental object by transferral Income tax or "payroll taxes" into the discourse. That deceit essential be dealt near (exposed) individually.

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